lim kenpo karate south dakota

With Lim Kenpo you will build physical skill, emotional control, mental fortitude, and moral courage.

Now is the time

There are a million excuses for not starting new things or following through, and there are hundreds of reasons to “not have time.”

Transform. We don’t live that way. We live by choice, prioritize with purpose, and own the time we’re given. How many times have you said, “We need more family time?” Here’s something you can invest that time in…

Learn skills and principles you won’t find anywhere else.

At Lim Kenpo SD you will learn self-defense techniques, forms (kata), weapons and more. But the more important benefits are the confidence and discipline you gain, the strengthening of mind, body and spirit, and the new bonds you’ll create with family and friends.

Class Schedule

7pm Kids Kenpo (ages 8+)
8pm Adult Kenpo

7pm The Forge

7pm Family Kenpo*
8pm Adult Kenpo

*Ages 5+, Requires at least 1 parent and 1 child enrolled, present, and participating.


Transform your life

Empower your family

Partnering with the About You Transformation center was a win-win proposition for LKSD. We align in mission: to help people transform their health, their looks, and their lives.

We fit into this group of professionals by helping people strengthen their mind, body and spirit through martial arts. Our members become more aware, confident, and assertive while practicing hard work and humility.

Our family class is a great way to start. This class features a structured curriculum that is presented differently for each age group, yet allows us to train together. Membership requires at least one parent and one child be enrolled and participating! If the Family class is not an option for you, please ask about our adult and kids classes.